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Beethoven Odyssey II

The ten sonatas for violin and piano by Ludwig van Beethoven comprise probably the most important collection of compositions for the two instruments as a duo. Only Mozart came close to writing a collection as significant but it was Beethoven who really set the standard by being the first composer to treat the two instruments as equals and by offering works of unwavering quality and ingenuity.


Although many of the sonatas belong to Beethoven’s early period, several were transitional to his middle or heroic period while the last, opus 96, was written on the cusp of the composer’s progression into his visionary late period. The set of sonatas for violin and piano therefore capture an  important snapshot of this extraordinary composer’s output. While the two most famous sonatas, “Spring” and “Kreutzer”, are frequently performed some of the other sonatas are often neglected. In this series and in parallel with Tamami's Beethoven Odyseey I piano series, she will will be performing the complete sonatas for violin and piano with Julian Brown over five concerts offering a rare opportunity to hear these magnificent works in their entirety.  For details on dates and specific performances see here.

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