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The Cal Arte Ensemble presents a summer concert series in the South Bay at St Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Saratoga. Tamami Honma will be performing with the principals and leaders of the Nova Vista, Cambrian, Palo Alto Philharmonic and Redwood Symphony and other local orchestras together under one roof to present some of the grandest works in the chamber music repertoire.

This season the dynamic Cal Arte roster includes Julian Brown, Anthony Crawford, Cyril Borchard (violins), Goetz Leonhardt and Jason Martel (violas), Thomas Shoebotham, Scott Krijnen and Ellis Verosub (celli), and Tamami Honma (piano). The Cal Arte Ensemble is the official ensemble-in-residence at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara.

The first concert on Sunday June 26 at 3pm will feature two piano quintet masterpieces, the prize-winning Piano Quintet in G minor by Shostakovich written in 1940, and the beautiful Piano Quintet in A major by Dvořák. Also on the program will be a rarely played but delightful Piano Quartet in C major written by Beethoven when he was only 15 - a work whose themes may be familiar from some of his early piano sonatas and showing clear early signs of his astonishing genius.

The second concert on Saturday July 23 at 7.30pm will feature three piano quartets including Brahms expansively exuberant work Op 25 that finishes with a Rondo alla Zingarese - a wild gypsy dance, Beethoven's early piano quartet in E flat - an expressive early work from the evolving genius of LvB, and a wonderfully Spanish flavored 20th centrury work by Joaquin Turina.

The third concert on Saturday August 27 at 7.30pm will feature the last of the three Beethoven Piano Quartets followed by two of the greatest piano quintets in the repertoire: the ultra-passionate Piano Quintet in F minor by César Franck and the ground-breaking Piano Quintet in E-flat major by Robert Schumann.

Concert I

Sunday June 26 3pm

Beethoven Piano Quartet in C major No. 3 WoO 36

Shostakovich Piano Quintet in G minor Op. 57

Dvořák Piano Quintet in A major Op. 81

Violins: Julian Brown, Cyril Borchard

Viola: Jason Martel

Cello: Thomas Shoebotham

Piano: Tamami Honma

Concert II

Saturday July 23 7.30pm

Beethoven Piano Quartet in E-flat major No. 1 WoO 36

Turina Piano Quartet in A minor, Op. 67

Brahms Piano Quartet in G minor Op. 25

Violin: Julian Brown

Viola: Goetz Leonhardt

Cello: James Lin

Piano: Tamami Honma

Concert III

Saturday August  27 7.30pm

Beethoven Piano Quartet in D major No. 2 WoO 36

Franck Piano Quintet in F minor

Schumann Piano Quintet in E-flat major, Op. 44

Violins: Julian Brown, Cyril Borchard

Viola: Goetz Leonhardt

Cello: Scott Krijnen

Piano: Tamami Honma

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